Andy Miller is the founder of Kitchen 56 and its corporate manager. His background is in real estate development–with a specialty in the redevelopment of older buildings; including rebuilding the original structure in which Kitchen 56 is located in 2010 from a boarded-up former service station. Miller has lived and worked widely throughout the US, including recent projects in New Orleans and South Florida; but has maintained a base in Phoenix since 1993. His influence on the Kitchen 56 menu is reflected in our commitment to cooking with wood fires and the offering of health-conscious items in addition everyday classic dishes. A competitive athlete with a life-long commitment to health and fitness, Miller also has a passion for painting and organic gardening.


Anndee opened Kitchen 56 to bring an inspiring and unique sense of place to the neighborhood and to get someone else to make her a salad! Her life long passion is art and psychology. Designing a space that is visually compelling and unpretentiously comfortable is her favorite part of Kitchen 56. She has created a thoughtful and respectful work environment for those just beginning their work experience up to those who are perfecting their professional craft. She likes momming, creating, teaching, and researching and has been practicing these verbs from New York City working in the highest level of the arts world to conducting arts education research with Harvard and Brown University from Texas to California. And sometimes she meditates.


You won’t miss Ted, his infectious laugh bellows throughout Kitchen 56. Being a die hard Yankee fan, he will definitely let you know how he feels while tossing you a fantastic cocktail and will make everyone laugh when he says the word “water.” (East Coast Twang) When given the opportunity away from work, Ted enjoys competitive swimming or rather laying on a raft with a cocktail, and doing projects around the house. Wherever you come in contact with Ted at least you know you’ll be greeted with a warm smile. Ted is a lifer restaurant professional, having been in the industry for 20 + years in all positions of the operation, he knows what authentic customer service is. His love for the job shines through in his interactions with guests and staff.